Not so fast crocodile!

Cuban crocodile (Rhombifer)DON’T worry, nobody got hurt, nobody got bitten by a crocodile, and inspectors from Lambeth Council and Defra found the London Aquarium in the old County Hall buildings on the Southbank is very well run which has had great investment. Go there and see. Nobody gets bitten.

By making freedom of information requests to local councils, however, we are entitled to see what inspectors learn on their visits to all zoos and aquariums as they apply for their licences.

In January, it was recorded for the notes that a Cuban crocodile, which my Wikipedia research tells us are ‘small and aggressive’ had the briefest of sniffs of life on the other side of the glass at the Aquarium. The report released to me by Lambeth reads:

“There have been no escapes of non-native species since the last full periodical zoo inspection. However, it was reported that a Cuban crocodile was able to push its nose through a letter-box feeding point on the public side of the display. This was investigated by a Local Authority inspector and the opening has since been sealed up and other feeding arrangements made.”


Earlier this month, through Camden New Journal FoI requests, we learned one person a month is bitten by squirrel monkeys at London Zoo.

Crocodile pic is by Zambog/FlickR

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