One week later, de-selected former mayor Abdul is back on the slate

imageDID Camden Labour members think to themselves they had made a terrible mistake? Last week the party deselected former Camden Mayor Abdul Quadir in Bloomsbury. But he’s back in the game already. Abdul was picked to stand in Haverstock alongside Alison Kelly and Abi Wood last night. It’s a tougher draw, going from a Labour held ward to one currently controlled by the Lib Dems. But Labour, in the post-coalition climate, smell the chance for gains here. It was after all once a bit of a stronghold for them. Jill Fraser, another former Mayor, is one of the Lib Dems standing in the way, however, and her local recognition has served her well in the past.

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  1. The Blue One // June 18, 2013 at 1:22 pm //

    All good and well but wasn’t Abigail Wood supposed to stand for Labour in West Hampstead? As was Maeve McCormack.
    Labour mustn’t be taking that ward very seriously if all their candidates are preferring easier wards…

  2. Vote Mr Independent // June 23, 2013 at 5:23 am //

    Hi Richard

    What was once considered a “Safe Haven” for Cllr Jill Fraser and her Lib Dem colleagues is no longer.
    Where was Cllr Fraser and her colleagues when opposing the Welfare Reforms and Bedroom Tax, I think you will find there was NONE!

    The voters of this ward will not be hoodwinked no longer by false promises by any of the politicians within Camden, especially the Liberal Democrats who have done nothing but nothing to oppose the poverty and hardship many are suffering within this ward.

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