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Hayward 11BUSY bee council leader Sarah Hayward has an extra new role. She has taken her place on the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, which comes with a basic allowance of £7,750. It’s an important task given the proposed changes to London’s fire service.

Council leaders joining such bodies is not an unusual thing. Other members of the Camden Labour group were explaining this week, however, how they too would have jumped at the chance of joining the authority but somehow missed the job ad. They’ve been scanning back through their email inboxes all week to see when the opportunity was circulated. 

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  1. Chris Knight // June 21, 2013 at 9:20 pm //

    Nothing wrong with that, simply shows a nose for enterprise.

  2. Think you and your source needed to check their facts before colluding on this story.

  3. Vote Mr Independent // June 23, 2013 at 5:53 am //

    Cllr Blackwell

    You are like a “Bad Rash” popping up all over the place like legal counsel without an “Hair piece” defending a damsel in distress.

    What’s the matter, can’t your Leader speak or defend herself these days, let’s face it she lost the battle with her train set and now want’s to play “Fire lady ” to the tune of £7,750. Maybe she will do the right thing and donate this allowance to the many food banks within Camden or take legal advise and fight the government on the welfare reforms and bedroom tax !!!!

    I don’t recall you ever mentioning this in any formal statement that Camden Council had sought legal advise over whether or not the welfare reforms and bedroom tax are legal under human rights law. Although come to think of it you claim that Labour had frozen Council Tax, maybe you will be the next successor to state that there will also be a “rent freeze” after all it would only be fair to freeze rents, given peoples income is a lot less these days, don;t you think!!!!!!!

    I can only suggest that you tread on egg shells within Gospel Oak, as your councillor days are numbered?

    Are you with us or against us Theo, the world is your oyster if you jump ship now!

  4. Sarah clearly has been appointed rather than elected to this role. Liberal Democrats use democracy. A recently vacated place on the same body involved all Lib Dem councillors of London Councils getting a vote to choose between 4 candidates using the alternative vote to cast their ballots. Labour has a long way to go to develop internal democracy within its own ranks.

  5. Vote Mr Independent // June 25, 2013 at 5:54 am //

    Cllr Blackwell

    Maybe you can enlighten everyone, as to whether or not there is any truth in the above, was Cllr Hayward elected or appointed ? A simple answer will do !

    I would have to agree that the Labour Party in Camden have lost their roots and are no longer open or democratic.

  6. Vote Mr Independent // June 26, 2013 at 5:23 am //

    Cllr Blackwell

    The tone of your response actually speaks volumes to the people of Gospel Oak and the borough, to the extent that you have detracted from giving a smple honest answer, as to whether or not Cllr Hayward was elected or appointed into her new role?

    Your response to this question was somewhat premature, in relation to who elected me, well I can assure you from the door knocking excercises I have personally undertaken within Gospel Oak with many of your own constituents, it is clear that many within Gospel Oak are simply dissatisfied with Labour. Some of the comments made were as follows,

    Labour have failed the people of this ward by failing to oppose the Bedroom tax to stop evicitions and fight the Welfare reforms.

    Some have stated that Councillors offer no support.or commitment whatsoever.

    Some have stated the only time you see councillors is when it is voting time!

    So I think the snippet’s above and the low turn out at the last bye election will give you a good indication that it will be the people that will be electing me has an independent come the next election!!!!!!!.

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