Paddington Bear Woz Not Ere

windsorFOR one of my favourite quotes from a councillor this week, we have to look west to Westminster where there has been a horrifying revelation this week. Every year thousands of Paddington Bear fans make a pilgrimage to Windsor Gardens, off the Harrow Road, because of the street name used in the stories. Fans have dreamed about a marmalade sandwich stall in the street. No, that’s not the horrifying revelation.

No, the West End Extra newspaper revealed this week that all of those tourist visits to W9 have been a waste of time. The souvenir pictures posted on Facebook to send home to Mum and Dad, all a waste of time. Paddington creator Michael Bond’s daughter Karen explained to reporter William McLennan: “I’m not even sure whether the current Windsor Gardens even existed in the 1950s when he wrote the first book. Or at least if it did my father was unaware of it.”

It had, you see, all been a coincidence.

So that puts the kibosh on the circulating idea of a plaque for Paddington being erected in the street.

Undeterred, Labour councillor David Boothroyd tells the newspaper: “Isn’t it worth a notice pointing out that it’s just a coincidence and possibly directing people towards the statue in Paddington Station or the new statue of Michael Bond on St Mary’s Terrace?”.

It will be interesting how they will phrase an official sign basically saying: Paddington Bear Woz Not Ere.

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