A scare for Tulip? Hampstead and Kilburn hopeful dodges Regent’s Park ambush

Action Team + Dobson (17 5 09)

THERE’S been a little scare for one of the councillors who wants to upgrade from the Town Hall to Parliament. Tulip Siddiq, insiders say, had a brush with the dreaded de-selection in her Regent’s Park ward where Labour members met this evening to pick their candidates for next year’s council elections.

In the end, the three sitting councillors (above with Frank Dobson) all won through. But the reports coming out of the party have it that Cllr Siddiq, the council’s leisure chief, squeaked home on further round of votes. She is running against Sophie Linden and Sally Gimson for the Labour parliamentary nomination in Hampstead and Kilburn and has marked herself out, without dispute, as the only one of the three who lives in the constituency. But back in Regent’s Park, there has been a bubbling anger over the closure of the library made by Cllr Siddiq’s department and there was a challenge to get a ‘local’ candidate onto the slate. None of the three councillors live in the ward. Around 40 members are said to have turned up to the vote, suggesting that somebody somewhere felt a move for change needed to be whipped up.

Any attempt at an ambush failed, however, and Cllr Siddiq’s campaign team do not seem so fazed. They believe members were just looking further ahead. A source said: “It’s hardly a surprise as people think she is going to become the PPC”.

4 Comments on A scare for Tulip? Hampstead and Kilburn hopeful dodges Regent’s Park ambush

  1. Tony McNulty // June 26, 2013 at 11:39 pm //

    Don’t think it’s Sophie Linden and her sister Sally, is it?

    Tony Sent from my iPad

    • Richard Osley // June 26, 2013 at 11:49 pm //

      Very quick Mr M, but not as quick as some of your colleagues. Corrected within three minutes. Thanks for reading.

  2. Robert Latham // June 26, 2013 at 11:41 pm //

    Richard. You are clearly sharing your bed with the wrong person. 25 votes on the critical round, when the nearest rival gets 8 votes seems a fairly clear victory to me. Who told you otherwise? Nice picture by the way!

  3. Richard Osley // June 26, 2013 at 11:51 pm //

    I can see why you win so many cases in court now Robert… Of course, ‘critical round’ tells the story. Easy re-selections don’t need critical rounds.

    PS… got a new CD of pics for me?

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