Frank Dobson wants Page Three banned at the House of Commons

dobsonFRANK Dobson got his Early Day Motion quill out yesterday and signed one calling for The Sun to banned from the House of Commons until it drops its Page Three pictures. Earlier this month, Green MP Caroline Lucas, the motion’s primary sponsor, was ordered to take off a ‘No To Page Three’ campaign t-shirt while addressing a parliamentary committee. First person to send me a picture of Frank in one gets a free Wonka bar and a pledge to get the photo on our own New Journal page three slot.

caroline lucas.pngThat Early Day Motion in full:

That this House is concerned about the strong link between the portrayal of women as sexual objects and attitudes that underpin violence and discrimination against women and girls; notes that this has been demonstrated by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women and in a Government-commissioned Sexualisation of Young People Review; applauds the work of the No More Page 3 campaign; observes that The Sun newspaper is available across the parliamentary estate in at least eight locations; further notes that if someone is looking at page 3 of The Sun others can be subjected to it whether they like it or not; and calls on the House of Commons Administration Committee to take the necesssary steps to prevent the House stocking The Sun newspaper until it removes the Page 3 feature.

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