Brassy buskers make Inverness Street their stage

PITY the poor police community support officers charged with trying to move this gang on from Inverness Street. Is busking banned in Camden Town or not? I’m not wholly sure of the exact rules. Youtube user Carlos Franco added the footage. Not just a man with a out-of-tune guitar and a goatee, it’s quite the carefree concert.


2 Comments on Brassy buskers make Inverness Street their stage

  1. Because so many people abuse our goodwill – the band playing is just by a residential block there – it’s totally on the cards that we will licence busking later this year.

    Picking are obviously too rich for people to self-regulate! Pity for those musicians who aren’t so obnoxious.

  2. They are doing no harm and providing good entertainment, should leave them be.

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