Two-timer Glenda Jackson’s Desert Island Discs mystery

didiscsLISTENERS of Radio 4’s enduring Desert Island Discs are becoming fatigued over how the same guests keep popping up on the show, the Mail on Sunday reported yesterday. Hugh Laurie had his second turn as a castaway last week, joining in the process, the newspaper reports, “more than 100 celebrities who have returned”.

One of the other two timers is Hampstead and Kilburn MP Glenda Jackson. She spoke to Sue Lawley in 1997 – by then she was an established politician at the House of Commons – and the recording is still available from the BBC.

But she had already been on before.

In September 1971, she chose two bits of Beethoven, some Bach and Ella Fitzgerald’s It Never Entered My Head when interviewed by Roy Plomley. That’s all a little less pop charty than the selection she gave to Lawley, which included Tina Turner’s Nutbush City Limits, Stevie Wonder’s Superstition and Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog.

In 1971, her luxury item was a doll’s house. In 1997, it was a bath.

Sadly, the talky bits between Plomley and Glenda in between the records are not available on the BBC’s open castaway database.

The reason? “Unfortunately some programmes were never archived or may be missing for legal or other reasons,” say the BBC. Surely didn’t say something so provocative the lawyers had to get involved.


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