Ed Miliband: last to the hospitality strawberries at Wimbledon?

LUCKY, lucky, I somehow managed to land on Centre Court as Andy Murray did the business in the Wimbledon final yesterday. We were at the opposite end to the Royal Box where Wayne Rooney was rubbing shoulders with Victoria Beckham. You will have already seen the picture of Ed Miliband scowling at David Cameron and the SNP’s Alex Salmond as he took his seat (CLICK). But here’s one from our view of Ed and his wife Justine looking very date nightish, enjoying a few reserved hours without being asked about Falkirk.


Why are they all on their ownsome? Miliband actually stayed at his seat to applaud our new champion right off the court. The second picture below is taken as Murray is about to give one final wave. You will see Cameron and Salmond are already near the exit. Somebody nudged me and cheekily suggested they wanted to be first to the hospitality strawberries… I don’t believe that for a second, not one second.


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