H&K: Murad on Maajid

MAAJID Nawaz, the former radical member of Hizb ut-Tahrir who had a ‘democratic awakening’ and now speaks out against extremism in the UK as chairman of the Quilliam think tank, finds out on Thursday whether he will get the chance to run for the Liberal Democrats in Hampstead and Kilburn. Hearts must have sank when the four others on the final parliamentary shortlist saw his name. 

Maybe Labour members are already wary about what his energy could bring to the campaign, at a time when many of their ranks had otherwise begun to think they might have seen the last of those pesky Lib Dems in north west London.

Labour London Assembly member Murad Qureshi offered the coolest response to the news that Nawaz fancies the nomination.

“The thought a leopard never changes his spots comes to mind”, he tweeted.

A few of his Labour colleagues thought this was all a bit much and open to different interpretation. The more conciliatory wonder that if young British Muslims currently flirting with radical thoughts were to hear things like that, it would be difficult to encourage them away from those agitating thoughts without a thought that their cards had already been marked for life. 

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