H&K: Tory councillor asks whether Glenda Jackson got ‘well-earned nutting’

imageAS we tried to work out what happened with the man headbutted outside the Labour selection meeting in Kilburn yesterday, a Conservative councillor from Essex tweeted: ‘Too much to hope for, I suppose, that it was ghastly Glenda Jackson who got a well-earned nutting?’

So full marks to one of the local Tories in Hampstead, Oliver Cooper, for telling Billlericay councillor Andrew Schrader that these were ugly words and there were better ways to register a dislike for Ms Jackson, still unforgiven in Tory quarters for the speech she made about Thatcher after the former Prime Minister’s death, than hoping for a ‘well-earned nutting’.

Cllr Schrader later admitted his joke had been ‘poor’, explaining he never condoned violence and was simply still vexed about Jackson’s speech.

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  1. Chris Knight // July 15, 2013 at 8:34 am //

    Osser the emphasis here should be on Labour not the the Tories, but also on signs of anger to come within the Labour ranks at their current performance.

    We have seen it before their knees are knockiing at the prospect of another defeat or worse, well Milliband said so on TV this weekend!

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