‘Camden Council, I strongly dislike you’


WHAT on earth has Camden Council done to offend pop singer Tich? It’s a mystery, but her 80,000 followers on Twitter were told this afternoon:

Forty-four favourites, going to post, already.

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  1. CAMDEN COUNCIL // October 11, 2013 at 6:56 pm //

    The Camden Cull

    Whilst animal rights campaigners protest against the culling of badgers and foxes, there is an endangered species that is also being culled out of Camden council’s workforce, its BME officers.

    A word of advice, before you claim discrimination is not in play perhaps you could explain the employment status of ALL of the BME officers needlessly made redundant from last years cull of Members Support Service. And ask the remaining token BME officer how much does their current role differ from their previous one? But he is in no position to do this as Camden council has a code of conduct that prohibits officers from discussing any aspect of their employment with councillors. So while the current political administration is campaigning for Camden residents via the Equality Taskforce it has no clue as to the scale of racial inequality and culling of BME officers within the council. How ironic, but then that’s double-headed management for you.

    Speaking of management how interesting it was having tried to contact the female BME manager of Member Support via email only to find that her out of office message stated that she had been removed from Members Support. She has now been replaced by a non BME male manager. Perhaps she didn’t receive enough support to carry out her role by her managers? But more on how Camden supports its BME managers later.

    In certain areas of the council the number of BME officers may appear to be vast supply, parking wardens and customer service officers within the Contact Camden Centre, frontline services that offer no career development within Camden council. This is why BME officers are employed in these areas they offer no threat to the status quo.

    Camden council only wants the bare minimum of BME officers it can get away with and to employ them in frontline services, the average customer service officer burns-out after two years from stress, (longer serving officers run the risk of apathy and low self-esteem). The stress is caused by confrontations from the public regarding parking penalty charges, housing applications and tenant disputes, something that is too low-brow for the senior management who created the policy the customer is disputing to get involved in, but who are also responsible for introducing the extremely unhelpful 0207 974 4444 multiple choice phone service which adds to the publics frustration.

    Camden council tolerates BME officers rather appreciating them as part of an integrated work force and segregates by introducing a mentoring scheme in which senior BME managers mentor less senior BME managers. This will make the cull much easier for Camden, finally they will be able to calculate how many BME managers it has and secondly they will be the first to be made redundant following the management review, yet it will allow for just enough BME managers for them to tolerate and present as an acceptable percentage of its workforce to avoid being accused of racial discrimination.

    Camden council will no doubt argue we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t but what Camden will not reveal is how many BME officers were made redundant throughout the council as result of cuts per year over the past five years. Another interesting figure would be how many BME Directors has Camden employed in the last ten years.

    Camden would rather the aesthetic of white middle-class Oxbridge officers, than the social diversity and BME mix represented by the residents of it’s own borough. Which begs the question who is Camden council serving? The residents of Camden or it’s own money grabbing private enterprises?

    Camden’s new breed of officers in senior roles are white, middle-class, university educated and often from the private sector. I have no issues with officers of this background, truly, but they are shaping policies that affect the future of the boroughs poor, BME, and elderly residents. The problem is that these new officers spend their time philosophising what it must be like to be a Camden resident as opposed to asking them and they rely on Government data, which in an age where the Government discriminates against the poor, elderly and BME is frightening.

    The culture of Camden council is one of tolerance towards BME officers rather than integration and appreciation of social, cultural diversity. Camden council’s bureaucracy is Conservative in nature one in partnership with a Labour political administration, contradictory to say the least.

    The Chief Executive and his senior officers are celebrating ‘Fast Forward 2014’ their new home, a glass tower due to be opened in 2014, patting themselves on the back whilst declaring Camden to be one of the largest and most desirable places to live in the country. But when there are grievances that call loudly for redress. That is false optimism. Optimism that does not count the cost is like a house built on sand.

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