Keith won’t stand for Sarah, ‘the glorious leader’

collageTHE Liberal Democrats seem keen to stop Camden Council leader Sarah Hayward shedding the image that she’s just a little bit bossy in the top role at the Town Hall.

This all stems back from a council officer sending an email asking for all correspondence to Sarah to be addressed ‘Dear Leader’. Sarah said she had never handed down such an order and it had all been a big misunderstanding. But it was too late and the explanation fell on deaf ears to a certain extent when the story went on to appear in a couple of national newspapers and Private Eye.

Months later, Lib Dem leader Keith Moffitt clearly hasn’t forgotten. At last week’s full council meeting, he was riffing about how one day the ‘glorious leader’ of the council might ask people to stand before her at Camden cabinet meetings. His words – you could hear them below – led to frowns and heckles from the top table.

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  1. Keith was in quite a spiteful mood at the Cabinet meeting, and he made a couple of barbed and opportunistic comments.

    Must be feeling the heat.

  2. David Douglas, // August 1, 2013 at 12:38 am //

    Maybe hes still in with drawl. It will all be over in on May 23 2014 when he is off Camden Council

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