Town Hall trolliday

A DAY of ‘Twitter silence’ – the Trolliday – became a bit chaotic yesterday. The idea of not tweeting for the whole of Sunday in solidarity with women who get rape threats, abusive and bomb hoaxes didn’t seem like such a bad idea. The effect, like all orchestrated disobedience, might have been different if seriously large numbers – as in millions – took part.

But it was easy for people to point out that shutting people up was probably exactly what those posting the abuse wanted in the first place. Others simply could not resist the temptation. There were mixed messages and misunderstandings and the well meaning got mocked. 

Up at the Town Hall, council leader Sarah Hayward and her cabinet finance man Theo Blackwell – two of the biggest tweeters on the council – took different approaches.


2 Comments on Town Hall trolliday

  1. Seriously, the washing machine is an issue. There’s too much choice and ours is getting more whiney and sad sounding with every wash. Any recommendations, please help.


    • Das Kapital // August 8, 2013 at 8:37 am // Reply

      Talking about whiney and sad sounding, surely it’s about time Camden Town Hall had a bit of a clean out – but I won’t be providing the washing powder!



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