On the wronga track?

wonagaCAMDEN Council claimed this week that if the HS2 high-speed trainset gets built, there will need to be a £1 billion compensation package to cover the damage in this part of London alone.

And that’s without helping out homes and businesses lying just outside the path of the route and the red-line border of the official compensation zone. Stanley Johnson, Boris’s pop, has been among those frustrated that those living very close but not close enough for compensation will mug the crunching disruption without receiving a bean to make them feel better about the whole thing.

Also, in that close but not close enough for compensation stretch at the top of Parkway are the Camden registered offices of headline-hogging payday lenders Wonga. The poor old Wongies, just trying to help a brother out at 4,000 percent. Will the council, with a leader out and proud about her distaste for high-interest short term loan companies, argue the compensation case for them too?


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