The Golf war in Oxford Circus

photo23WESTMINSTER City Council cracked down a while back on the big, luminous GOLF SALE boards people used to hold up on the junctions near Oxford Circus. The official ruling from City Hall states: “The council does not permit the display of placard advertisements – often referred to as ‘golf sale signs’ – in specific designated areas with the City, because of the impact they have on pedestrian movements and the negative effect they have on the appearance of the street.”

But take a walk down Regent Street and you’ll find that in advertising and promotion, there’s a way around everything…

Golf shop thattaway, folks.



2 Comments on The Golf war in Oxford Circus

  1. What a brilliant picture. The trashed road closed sign is perfect.

  2. In the mid-late 80s I worked near Oxford Street and could never fathom out what a Golf Sale was. I eventually guessed the obvious … cut-price golfers’ kit (clubs, daft shoes and embarrassing sweaters) from low-cost premises. Even more unfathomable is that, despite London going through dizzying change, this same business model is operating 30 years later in the same part of London.

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