Arsenal to re-sign David Gest’s diamante man?

flaminigestIT’S a tough time to be an Arsenal fan right now… if the most important thing to you is spending lots of money on new footballers. After trying to sign about 12 different big stars and being rejected by all of them, only ex-player Mathieu Flamini is so far apparently due to be added to the ranks. Those with only a fleeting interest in football may be saying right now: Mathieu who?

Whatever you do, don’t say that to David Gest, famous for once being married to Liza Minelli.

One night a while back, a few of us were watching Arsenal (during Flamini’s first stint at the club) play a Euro match in the Oxford Arms in Camden High Street. There standing, gazing at the screen next to him was Gest himself. A closer look and you could see he was wearing a one-off Arsenal shirt which was black where it is normally red, with Flamini’s name spelt across it in diamante jewels.

Hey, you can wear what you like in Camden Town.

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