H&K: Lib Dems and Tories rage at violinist Nigel Kennedy over election vote admission

imageTROUBLE brewing in Belsize Park with rebellious violinist Nigel Kennedy revealing in an interview with the Guardian yesterday that he had arranged for a friend to vote for Glenda Jackson using his wife’s voting card in 2010. The Hampstead and Kilburn constituency, most of us won’t need reminding, was only decided by 42 votes in Glenda’s favour and here, more than most places, every single vote was fiercely fought over in a three way battle. That only heightens the annoyance for those who feel Kennedy has been too cavalier this time. Ed Fordham, the Lib Dem candidate who came third, tweeted that it was time to ‘report Nigel Kennedy to the police’. Conservative councillor Andrew Marshall was equally unimpressed: ‘Nigel Kennedy has simply got to be prosecuted. Shocking.’ The feeling among the local politicians is that there is a huge danger about what kind of message would be left behind if a prominent person can tell a national newspaper something like this and nothing is said or done.

Kennedy is quoted in the interview as saying: ‘There’s nothing left to vote for. If Tony Benn was there, that would be someone worth it – or that [Jeremy] Corbyn guy. You know, there’s one or two left who’s like decent ones.” Asked whether he voted for Glenda, he added: “Oh yeah. In fact, my wife wasn’t there, so I got another friend to go and vote for Jackson with my wife’s voting card. Yeah, yeah, man, and it was really worth it in that case.”


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  1. Chrs Philp // September 1, 2013 at 3:31 pm //

    Good to know I actually only lost by 41 votes (assuming this was the only one!!)
    Chris P.

  2. Guess that also means that I only lost Belsize by 51 votes then too!

  3. Chris n Nigel – facts are , you both lost

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