Chris Philp asks Camden police to investigate Kennedy comments

jacksonUPDATE to the weekend post about Nigel Kennedy’s comments about the 2010 election. The ball is in Camden police’s court after Chris Philp, the beaten Conservative candidate in Hampstead and Kilburn wrote directly to Borough Commander BJ Harrington asking him to intervene. The violinist said he allowed a friend to use his wife’s voting card in 2010.

The New Journal story on Philp’s complaint was picked up by the Daily Telegraph, who have asked his wife about the comments. She is quoted there as saying: “He is quite outrageous but that’s too far even for him. He wouldn’t do anything like that. His sense of humour gets him in trouble sometimes. I haven’t read the article, he could have been misquoted.”

Not sure the Guardian would be so happy with that last suggestion. Kennedy was quoted in their interview with him at the weekend, when asked whether he had voted for Glenda Jackson in his home Hampstead and Kilburn constituency: “Oh yeah. In fact, my wife wasn’t there, so I got another friend to go and vote for Jackson with my wife’s voting card. Yeah, yeah, man, and it was really worth it in that case.”

3 Comments on Chris Philp asks Camden police to investigate Kennedy comments

  1. Chris Knight // September 2, 2013 at 11:48 am //

    Nigel certainly knows how to fiddle!

  2. David Douglas, // September 2, 2013 at 11:57 pm //

    Personation can lead to 2 years in jail. Would be good for democracy and good for culture

  3. Probably a publicity stunt. Lets hope the performance at the PROMS is better!

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