H&K: Maajid didn’t ‘even get shortlisted 1st time round’

20-MaajidNawaz2MAAJID Nawaz explains the curious anecdote in the Sunday Times about him over the weekend should not be read as some sort of selection stitch-up. “Mountain. Molehill”, he tweets in reply to the post about Nick Clegg apparently boasting that he was the candidate before the official selection had been made.

In his reaction, Maajid also tells of how when the Lib Dems first went to choose a candidate in the Hampstead and Kilburn constituency – the time the group selected Emily Frith for what turned out to be an ill-fated campaign that was aborted after just a few weeks – he did not even make the short-list. That can’t have gone down to well with an apparently boastful Clegg can it?

Maajid apparently took that initial rejection in good enough spirit and got himself down to his nearest Lib Dem cake stall to make sure people understood that, despite his international life story, he could still be a local candidate worried about things like school place shortages, dying high streets and council estate damp.

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  1. Chris Knight // September 3, 2013 at 2:44 pm //

    Must be a bit annoying to only be in the race because the leading runner “could not cut the mustard”

  2. i guess hes put himself on the map now though

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