Sarah Teather’s run

libdemBRENT Central MP and former minister Sarah Teather tells tomorrow’s Observer that she isn’t running for the Lib Dems again at the next general election. In the interview she says that she no longer feels that Nick Clegg’s party fights sufficiently for social justice and liberal values on immigration. In moments of despair, she says she has felt “desolate” and “catastrophically depressed”. Will any Lib Dems in our neck of the wood fancy standing over there now to fill the vacancy? Go on Nancy!

Maybe the first glimpse of Sarah’s discovery that big politics just isn’t that much fun sometimes came when Sky News followed her almost to the shops and back. This was at the time of the student fees hike debate. Seriously, just look how far the camera trails her for. At one point, it’s almost as if they are going to get on the bus altogether. You wonder whether there is a better way for us to engage with politicians, and politicians to engage with us. “Noooo,” she said in one of the most pushed-off doorstep reactions you are likely to see. “Because I’m just on the way out.”

Some Lib Dems felt this was all a bit too much. Her opponents say she had brought it on herself with a hyprocritical stance on education and she needed to explain herself. A couple of years later, somebody who finds it delicious has it on YouTube with Flanagan and Allen music, presumably for added insult, running over the top. It’s quite toe-curling to watch; certainly not the greatest brochure for seeking out work at the House of Commons.

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