Jonny Bucknell MP

buckersMAKE no mistake, cheery round-the-clock councillor Jonny Bucknell is right behind Simon Marcus’s tilt at winning Hampstead and Kilburn at the next general election. But did Buckers ever think he himself might have been able to take on the seat for the blues? A story doing the rounds is that the thought did briefly cross his mind, but by the time he contacted Tory HQ for details, the deadlines had run too tight.

Jonny in Parliament, of course, would mean a voice in the high speed rail debate at last for cut-off Cornwall types. The great ignored of Helston and St Ives. He told the party’s conference two years ago that rather than worrying about chipping a few minutes off a race to Birmingham, the HS2 believers should be worried about the route out south west and other ‘cart track’ areas.

What about the line to Cornwall? Once you get past Plymouth it’s a cart track from there on,” he bravely told a fringe meeting, largely of HS2 supporters. “To say that we want jobs for our children is one thing, but all the kids in Cornwall will be on the dole.

Camden Conservatives would miss him, but, if he really fancies a seat, maybe he should look for a constituency down by the surf. They’d love that kind of talk.

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