Mandela’s final triumph

mandela2dfsCAST minds back three months and the last all member meeting at the Town Hall: Camden Council were lightly accused of ‘getting in early’ with their lengthy tributes to the ailing, but not dead, Nelson Mandela.

Councillors spent 20 minutes paying tribute to the former South African president and, as usual, didn’t get through all of their main agenda items. Motions fell by the wayside, undebated.

One or two, insistently anonymous councillors, said they felt awkward by all of this, touched by a feeling that the council, however well-meaning, were prematurely passing on the last rites. Those in favour of the extra agenda item kept saying: Well, the next council meeting isn’t until September…

So here we are, September. The next full council meeting and Mandela, albeit in a critical condition still, remains with us. Another triumph for the great man.


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  1. I could never understand why more people didn’t want to attend FC.

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  1. Her name was G-L-O-R-I-A: Council forgets tribute to former mayor – Richard Osley

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