Another rumble

FORMER Conservative council candidate and George Clooney look-a-like Nigel Rumble doesn’t sound too impressed with old party colleagues who once knocked on doors for his benefit in one of his latest tweets.

This may be a reference, in part, to the whispered view that Froggy and Fitz councillor Laura Trott was handed the safest gig the Tories have in Camden at the last election, but has hardly said a word in full council meetings in the three and bit years since. The explanation from the Conservatives here is that her elevation through government jobs and special adviser work has meant she hasn’t been able to contribute as freely as planned when she stood for election.

Privately, they say that high fliers from all parties find the same problem when they start working with ministers and compare Cllr Trott’s dilemma with the career paths of Lib Dem Matt Sanders and former Labour councillor Richard Olszewski.

Watch out for the double negative in Nigel’s words, though. Hardly. Never see. Hardly never see.

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  1. gravesarthur // September 15, 2013 at 5:22 am //

    Surely there, is the clincher. Rumbling on…

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