Glasgow ’13: Flick and the Daleks


THE sleeper train to Glasgow – what was wrong with the good old days of Bournemouth? – and the Camden Lib Dems are getting their money’s worth from their half-week in the Scottish lowlands at the Lib Dem conference. Jill Fraser among others, I’m reliably informed, will be singing her heart out at the end of get-together Glee Club party tonight. Earlier today, I found them in the exhibition hall, larking about at the Dr Who memorabilia stand.

Flick Rea is a fan of the timelord and here she is posing with a Dalek. Asked whether she thought she might be one of the main targets of a Labour assault at council elections due next May, she insists she’s apparently relishing the fight even more after discovering old council boys Phil Turner and Richard Olszewski are standing for Labour. In Fortune Green, she has been a sort of immovable Lib Dem boulder through the party’s ups and downs over the years and she’s not ready to finish up at the Town Hall just yet.

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  1. David Douglas, // September 18, 2013 at 12:19 am //

    Great to see Davros reunited with a Darlek

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