Brighton ’13: Commander Olad

awaleawaleNO sign of Awale Olad in Brighton this week. Don’t worry, the Labour backbench councillor is not in hiding over the awful performances recently offered by his beloved Manchester United – he’s got time off for paternity leave, so congrats to him and his family.

He did have time, though, to chair last week’s ‘Culture and Environment Scrutiny Committee’ – yep, you’ll have difficulty selling tickets to anything with a title like that.

Maybe members of the public would be further put off by Commander Olad’s insistence that everybody in the public gallery identifies themselves to the room when they take their seat. A way of being inclusive, possibly. The more suspicious might think the move to stop people ghosting in and out (like the old days) is a device for alerting council officers speaking at the committee that a reporter is in the room.

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