Brighton ’13: Ed Miliband opens speech quoting New Journal scoop

edmDIRE Heart FM-style music and incessant ‘don’t be the one to stop clapping first’ applause across the hall, lots of conspicuous simpering – that kind of thing. But then Ed Miliband was on his way, launching into his main stage conference speech in Brighton this afternoon.

How did he use his opening five minutes? Quoting extensively from the Camden New Journal exclusive which revealed earlier this year that he had rushed to the rescue of a stricken cyclist in Kentish Town. Ella Phillips described Miliband as surprisingly suave and an action man, enough to send the story around the nationals and beyond.

“If you’re watching Ella, you’ve made my year,” he told delegates, while at the same admitting:  “It dawned on me that she was concussed, badly concussed.”

All a bit cheesy, but good to see the political top brass keeping a close eye on one of London’s favourite weekly reads.


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  1. // September 24, 2013 at 3:15 pm //

    Well done Scoop, its not just Ed M that appreciates you, we all do!
    Not to cheesy I hope.
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