‘We’re not Gucci socialists’: Tories love cheeseburgers… just not after 11pm


YOU know it’s the Hampstead branch of McDonald’s because of the artwork on the wall. The Camden Conservatives stop by here every now and then – sometimes fast food is the only option when you to as many meetings as these councillors – and refresh with a cheeseburger and fries.

But, as we learned in this week’s New Journal, that does not mean they want the Hampstead High Street branch to get its way with an explanation and open past 11pm.

Chris ‘Knighty’ Knight, the Tory councillor leading the opposition, explains: “It is simply the extended and the mess that offends. Our members are not Gucci Socialists. A cheeseburger and fries without upsetting the neighbours is fine. Caring socially aware Labour member Corporal Jones, Dad’s Army Butcher, I mean, Cllr Jones seems to be the only binger. Check out his declarations, three course meals at Gaucho Grill paid for by others where he dined upon the world’s best steak. The two faces of Camden Labour.”

Those keeping up will remember Labour’s environment chief Phil Jones’s gifts and hospitality register includes the Gaucho dinner, paid for by Network Rail

UPDATED: Cllr Jones confirms the Gaucho steak was delicious, while Gio reports his choices at the McDonald’s counter:

2 Comments on ‘We’re not Gucci socialists’: Tories love cheeseburgers… just not after 11pm

  1. Chris Knight // September 26, 2013 at 6:16 pm //

    Phil “dont panic” about opulant dining thats a minor crime for a socialist but do start worrying about parking enforcement, cos beleive me the anti parking lobby aint going away.

    I even hear whispers in the corridors of the Lords, (where some of the parking terrorists meet and indeed attend) that they might even start putting up candidates at the next Council ellections, in particular Cantelowes Ward.

    Hmm! i wonder if you eat all three courses with maybe a glass or two of pricey Malbec at Gaucho you meet all the KPI’s both critical an non critical, either way Phil you were on a bonus.

  2. Richard Chaumeton // September 26, 2013 at 6:50 pm //

    It is beggars belief that a corporal Jones thinks that is acceptable for him to be taken out for dinner by Network Rail when they are about to be part of ripping half of Euston to bits for years when building the HS2 Railline. Does he not consider all the people who will lose their homes to HS2!!!!! You do not fratenise with the enemy Corpral Jones or may be you are Private Pike?

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