Camden Labour mourns John Rolfe

SAD news to end the week as Camden Labour mourned former councillor and tenant’s leader John Rolfe. I didn’t know him well – he had a natural suspicion of the local newspapers, I think – so better for the words of his long-serving party colleague Roger Robinson to pay tribute: “He was a loyal and respected comrade and a dedicated councillor, and will be missed.”

I remember once he did the mini-interview slot for the old council magazine, when it used to profile one member every edition. What’s the most disappointing thing that’s happened to you during your time as a councillor?, he was asked.

“Having my name misspelt in the Camden New Journal”

What’s been your proudest moment as a councillor?

“Having my name spelt right in the Camden New Journal”

Lots have mentioned his sense of humour, it was evident. But even when his Town Hall days were over, he still kept very much abreast of what was going on, especially on the housing and the community investment side. A few weeks ago, he raised concerns about the old West End Lane office in West Hampstead being empty for a long period while the council works out what happens with the neighbouring builders merchant yard there.

The last time I saw him, he was outside the parliamentary selection for Hampstead and Kilburn up near Quex Road, having just made his vote. He had a knowing smile, one that suggested that however much us looking in think we know, we’re only halfway there.

We wish his friends and family well. 

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