Manchester ’13: Is dole-slasher Chris Philp ready for another parliamentary spin?


FORMER Camden councillor Chris Philp was looking for all the world like he is ready for another assault on Parliament this afternoon. Chuffed that Chancellor George Osborne favours many of the things he recommended a few weeks ago in his research paper, Work For The Dole, the great nearlyman of the 2010 General Election was holding court at a fringe meeting organised by the Tax-Payers Alliance.

The entrepreneur’s plan to cut the country’s welfare bill by getting job-seekers to do 30 hours of community service or training every week – with the stick of losing all of their benefits if they don’t- has made quite the impression on the Tory top brass. It’s almost like he has a hotline to Osborne.

A pretty tireless guy, the arrival of twins recently seem not to have slowed Chris down and he is desperate to not just be the guy who almost beat Glenda when the history books are written. Constituencies in Kent and Nottinghamshire are catching his eye ahead of 2015, word has it here. 

But will his decision not to have another go at Hampstead and Kilburn and stand elsewhere instead, leave the Conservatives locally answering questions about why the lay of the land in our patch could not attract this party high flier for another run here? Chris surely fancies somewhere which offers a better chance of a happy ending.

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  1. Das Kapital // October 7, 2013 at 10:10 pm //

    Seems like Chris didn’t learn too much during his brief spell as a Gospel Oak ward Cllr.

    Out of touch with ordinary folk as much as ever, but not with his old Etonian pals.

    It really says it all, doesn’t it!


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