Ralph Miliband, selling fast

THOSE ruthless opportunists! Radical booksellers Housmans celebrate Ralph Miliband’s work in their front window in King’s Cross today as the Daily Mail continues to insist Ed Miliband’s theorist father “hated Britain”.



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  1. Constantine Buhayer // October 2, 2013 at 1:45 pm //

    It’s not unusual for quite a few people from immigrant communities to go through phases of intense anger (or ‘hate’ in Daily Mail parlance) at the country which receives them. It’s so wide spread across the entire world that it has to be seen as a human trait. After all, immigration, the act of leaving, is a very disruptive moment which is why so many immigrants try to mitigate it by claiming they are only leaving temporarily, for 3 years, but it lasts a lifetime and it entails a lifetime of mixed emotions. Talk to English immigrants in other parts of the world and their ‘English’ immigrant emotions are often not unlike those of non-English immigrants in Britain.

    That awful DM article denies people the right to be human in all its complexities. As for Miliband claiming his father ‘loved this country’, that too is a tactical exaggeration even though one triggered by the DM.

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