Tory housing boss reckons social housing tenants live like Made In Chelsea cast

imageAS noted in this week’s West End Extra, Westminster Council’s housing chief Councillor Jonathan Glanz has been blogging away on Conservative Home with the amazing new news that some social housing tenants in central London live like the Made In Chelsea candy kittens.

He writes:

“Trust funds are often associated with the Made in Chelsea brigade, the young people portrayed in the ITV television series who spend their days dining out and sipping champagne on London’s King’s Road. It may be a stretch but in some ways, their fortunes are not entirely dissimilar to some of the benefits enjoyed by social housing tenants in some of country’s most expensive areas.

“With some social housing properties in Westminster and other central London boroughs valued at upwards of £2 million, a heavily subsidised rent on a two or three bedroom house a stone’s throw from Oxford Street might otherwise only be affordable for a so-called “trustafarian”.

Intentionally incendiary, a smart bit of look-at-what-I-saidism to drag in clicks and raise the profile. Maybe. But any fule kno that Made In Chelsea is a Channel 4 programme.

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  1. Das Kapital // October 7, 2013 at 9:43 pm //

    Can’t quite imagine Spencer Matthews strolling along Queen’s Crescent market on a Saturday afternoon in search of a cheap bag of spuds!


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