Waste deal: Labour send stinging letter to Lynne Featherstone

180px-lynne_featherstone_-_under_secretary_for_equalities_and_criminal_informationTHE Labour-felt irritation with Lynne Featherstone over her celebration at the collapse of a £4 billion waste deal for north London runs deeper than first imagined. Not just a bit of ho-humming and quizzical eyebrows, Labour’s waste supremo in north London, Clyde Loakes, a councillor in Waltham Forest, has written a stinging letter to the Lib Dem MP for Hornsey and Wood Green. Loakes insists Lynne’s blogposts have been inaccurate.

When the deal was spiked and a new waste plant in the Bounds Green area was abandoned, Lynne had written delightedly this week: “The decision to end the procurement for the long-term waste management in North London marks a great victory for the Pinkham Way Alliance, the local Liberal Democrats and local residents, who have campaigned hard against the NLWA’s plans.”

Loakes’s letter to her, however, is pretty much a four page broadside (a brief extract is published below), again reminding the MP that members of her own party had worked on the North London Waste Authority without any fiery opposition to the plans that would have affected seven London boroughs.

It will be interesting to see what Lynne blogs next.


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