Brent Live: Opening night

drumCAMDEN Council, who have been beaming out live streaming of Town Hall meetings for more than half a decade, might have a thing or two to say about the claim that Brent is the first authority to try such a thing. But then, as we’ve discussed here before, Camden did not do the fanciful movie style trailer thing when it first started doing them all those years ago. Of course, if you are going to big up the service with a West Wing style dramatisation, it helps if there are no nerves when the curtain goes up. Monday was opening night for ‘BrentLive’, and, uh oh, council leader Muhammed Butt was found tweeting mid-meeting:

Earlier, Cllr Butt had been trying to whip up excitement for the ‘Drama In The Drum’ screening, by tweeting other council leaders and journalists asking them to take notice. But the bungletronic nature of the first run was also there for all to see in reporter Alex Wellman‘s tell-tale screengrab of his attempts to access the action:

…a bit of a far cry from the flashy promo featured here a couple of Fridays ago. No doubt, somebody will blame the rush of logger onners.

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