‘Jewish bus route’ stalled again

800px-London_Bus_route_210STILL no joy for those wanting a bus route running across north London to link Orthodox Jewish communities in Golders Green and Stamford Hill.

Before jetting off to China, Boris Johnson said long-rumbling appeals to extend the 210 bus route past Finsbury Park had effectively missed out in a game of ‘winners and losers’. He’d been asking question from Barnet and Camden Assembly member Andrew Dismore, who the Mayor has at times taken to simply calling ‘Dismore’.

The exchange across City Hall went like this:

DISMORE: You said you were going to ask TfL to look into it and see what was going to be done and nothing has happened. Why not?

JOHNSON: With great respect to you and your Zeus-like powers, Andrew, there is a difference between my asking TfL to look into a matter and changing the route.

DISMORE: Are you a mayor or a mouse? Are you going to make this happen or not?

JOHNSON: As I say, not every change that you request is necessarily a changethat…

DISMORE: It is not what I am requesting. It is what thousands of Londoners have requested who want to travel from Golders Green to Stamford Hill and the other way around.

JOHNSON: As you know, in all these conversations, there are winners and losers.


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