Sunday file 20/10/13: Jamie’s bacon banter, Glanz gets his big story and Sarah’s film reviews

Posting here on Sunday nights, bits and pieces, tweets and links that didn’t make a full post during the week.

bacon* FIRST off, I love it that the Jamie Oliver’s ‘make me a bacon sarnie’ noise story has become a part of unshakeable Hampstead folklore. This is the tale often recounted by people as they make their way to the Holly Bush pub from the High Street. As the gradient gets steep, someone will say: ‘Jamie Oliver used to live up there’, pointing vaguely up the hill a bit. ‘He had to move out because people would come out of the pub on a Friday night and shout up to him to make a pucker bacon sandwich. It all got too loud for him.’. That’s how it goes. The Jamie Oliver bacon sandwich Hampstead story. The authenticity in the re-telling is that it is always a bacon sandwich. Never a sausage sandwich, always bacon. And there’s no disputing Jamie did re-locate to Primrose Hill. Whether it’s wholly true, whether it emanated from a joke started by Oliver himself or just one heckling regular, it doesn’t matter so much now. It’s part of the folklore and, despite it being a celebration of loutish, boozy behaviour, people relish in it. And there it was in national newsprint this week, on Tuesday. Sophie Heawood recounted it in the Guardian: ‘Jamie Oliver apparently sold his house in Hampstead after he got sick of drunken idiots coming out of the pub next door and shouting up at his window for a bacon sandwich.’

Untitled* CONSERVATIVE Home must want to be a place where Fleet Street’s finest are among those crawling all over the comment pieces, sniffing out hints and tips, sparking up stories as soon as each article goes up online. Westminster housing chief Councillor Jonathan Glanz’s incendiary piece about social housing tenants enjoying ‘Made In Chelsea’ way back on October 3 finally made it to a Daily Telegraph right hand lead slot at the end of the week. So that’s 16 days (and with added help of the West End Extra flagging it up twice) between the piece going live on Conservative Home and the story eventually reading the Tel. Are our national newsdesks not digesting their daily dose of Con Home properly? 

* UNCOMFORTABLE times for former Camden Tory agent Rob Morritt, now a councillor in Wandsworth where the local paper reports there are calls inside the party for him to be dropped over high expenses bills on things like taxis and stamps. A vote on his position was apparently shelved causing some sort of internal static, reports in the Wandsworth Guardian suggest. It hasn’t stopped Guido repeatedly running the story on the order-order website in angrier and angrier tones. Morritt told the paper he was committed to staying on as a councillor in East Putney.

* CAMDEN Council leader Sarah Hayward’s film review corner on Twitter is thriving. This week, the Barry Norman of the Town Hall told us:

File alongside previous 140 character reviews from the boss:

Never seen Arlington Road before. It’s a great film. Edge of my seat/hiding behind my cushion.

#Rocky is just starting on 5 USA. & I’ve never seen it.

Little Miss Sunshine about to start on More4. If you haven’t seen it, switch over now.

We’re watching the Bourne Identity. So obviously Matt Damon has to be said in Team America style

now this is the sort of silly film to wind down to. I do love it.

Keep ’em coming! I know one councillor who follows them religiously and actually provided me with the list above.

*THE London Reconnections blog, yup I’m a regular reader too, mocks the Camden New Journal for its coverage of the derailed train which busted the overground from Camden Road for a week. Ouch, ouch, ouch… the blog chirps:

We will look again at the incident once more information has become available. In the meantime, we feel almost compelled to highlight the coverage of the accident in the Camden New Journal, which rather bizarrely manages to take what is a relatively straightforward incident (if one with particularly unfortunate consequences) and elevate it, with a deft sleight of hand, into B-Movie territory:

The popular North London Line has been shut down in both directions between Gospel Oak and Stratford, heaping misery on commuters.

The line has for years been used for passenger trains and freight trains carrying spent fuel from reactors at Sizewell and Bradwell nuclear power stations. Rail crash investigators were on site today but would not say what cargo was on board when the train derailed.

London Reconnections can both confirm and assure readers that neither Rob Lowe nor Kristin Davis were present on the train at the time of the incident.

Lols-a-plenty there. Fact remains, though, not everybody knows spent nuclear fuel is carried over Camden Town via that line, and of those who do, not everybody is comfortable with it.

* EXTRA pal points for Camden Mayor Jonathan Simpson who provided an endorsement for Mike Katz almost as soon as the blogpost here had been pressed about the lack of Camden councillors on his list of backers for the Brent Central parliamentary job. Sarah Hayward has now joined in too with very warm words, which tell us what we all already knew: not many at the top of the party are impressed with his de-selection in Kilburn ahead of May’s council elections. Sarah insists he is ‘a real asset’.

* POOR old Simon Burns, who kinda gave us the fish when we asked him about HS2 at Conservative Party conference last month. He said he was stepping down from his transport minister gig soon afterwards to stand for deputy leader of the Commons. (See… gotta have a dream). But they’ll be no subbing for a man he called a ‘sanctimonious little dwarf’, John Bercow. He was a distant runner-up in the elections, losing to Eleanor Laing. Too bad, but at least, he won’t have scruffy looking journalists from Camden chasing him around conference next year.

* I WAS a sicknote for the topping out of Pancras Square, Camden’s new offices on the King’s Cross railway-lands. Conservative leader Claire-Louise Leyland provides the view from the top.

* FINALLY, if you’re name is Commander Awale Olad or Murad Qureshi, the chief members of the London Labour Party Glory Glory Manchester United Supporters Association, click and learn all about tika-taka football. No need to thank me. Work of arts need sharing:


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  1. Just for accuracy: the view from Camden’s new offices on the King’s Cross railway-lands (above) is the east-facing asepct and is therefore a view of Islington.

  2. Peter Brayshaw // October 22, 2013 at 11:48 pm //

    Paul, the foreground, (new buildings, cranes, and part of the future Google site) is in the St Pancras and Somers Town ward of Camden. The distance (old stuff) is in Islington, and, I think, your ward. But what’s a York Way between friends? And I grant you King’s Place, just out of shot to left, is a superb building.

  3. Richard Osley // October 24, 2013 at 12:42 am //

    I didn’t say it was a view of Camden or Islington, just that it was the view from the top of the new building. Don’t worry, Paul, Islington has not been slighted.

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