Sunday file 27/10/13: Billy and Theo, a plug for the Generator and Alastair Campbell MP

Posting here on Sunday nights, bits and pieces, tweets and links that didn’t make a full post during the week.

image* BILLY Bragg had some spicy things to say about Camden Council’s plans for tighter busking controls when he joined the kazoo demonstration in Camden Town on Thursday lunchtime. He is among those claiming the Town Hall is tearing up the area’s unique reputation for live music. But surely Billy B should just shortcut to Camden’s cabinet councillors by ringing up his old friend Theo Blackwell, the Town Hall’s finance chief who has taken a keen interest in this one. A meeting of minds, the pair were photographed together – in Theo’s pre-beard days – on the Hope Not Hate campaign half a decade ago.

* THE suggestion in the Guardian on Saturday was, if Alastair Campbell had wanted, Ed Miliband would have scratched out an all-women shortlist in Burnley to give Tony Blair’s old spin doctor a run at being his home town’s PPC. Standing next to a picture of John Lennon, matching the Beatle’s crossed arms, he is quoted saying: “Ed and others had said: ‘Look, Burnley is likely to be an all-women shortlist, are you going to go for it?’. That is what made me decide. I basically thought I’ll amble along and see what happens and maybe or maybe not. So that forced me to make a decision. As for any future seat I wouldn’t rule it out totally but I think it is unlikely. A big part of me wants to do it and a big part of me doesn’t. The part that does is the part that says you should do this in your own right and also it is the part that responds to people saying you should do it. The part that doesn’t want to is the part that has a very different sort of life where I can be in politics but not totally in it. That is where I am.” Who knows, maybe there will be an opening for him on his new home patch in north London sometime soon?

* MPs hard at work, discussing the big issues in times of economic crisis down there at the House of C. Here’s Andrew Rosindell’s latest Early Day Motion – he made a similar push for change ten years ago and nothing happened

That this House calls on the British Broadcasting Corporation to restore the British National Anthem on BBC1 at the end of each day’s programming before the switch over to BBC News 24; regrets the decision to play God Save The Queen on BBC1 for the last time on 3 October 1997; and believes that this proud tradition should be reinstated.

* LAST week in this section, it was noted how long it took for a national newspaper to realise something incendiary had been said on Conservative Home. Nearly three weeks was the answer, which must be a little depressing for the folks over there at the Tory blog. Still, the bigger question maybe is for Westminster Council who took the same time to decide that housing chief Jonathan Glanz’s comparison of social housing tenants to the Made In Chelsea might cause offence. Glanz was chopped from that job on Monday. That’s the Monday just gone, not the day he published his grenade of an article earlier this month, not the day after that, or even the day after that. Only once it had appeared in the Daily Telegraph two and half weeks later was there a shuffling of the pack at Westminster’s cabinet table.

image* ONE website isn’t enough for Camden Council. The council with no money still spends time and money hosting its own entertainments listings website as well, called LoveCamden. When it comes to the accomodation and hotel section, it could of course direct visitors to any number of hotels and hostels across the borough. In its shortish list of prime links, however, it points travellers in the direction of The Generator… a hostel in King’s Cross which has been the subject of vehement noise complaints and long rounds of discussions between the council and its operators.

* BOB Geldof was warmly received at the Roundhouse on Saturday night, as the Boomtown Rats popped up again. But don’t be going thinking that Camden is the centre of the world for music or anything. Geldof rather poured cold water on the incoming Walk Of Fame idea, which will see Hollywood boulevard stars soon on Chalk Farm Road. He said grumpily last year that Camden’s importance to music could not be compared to Hollywood’s stake in the movie business: “Does it meet Hollywood standards? No, it doesn’t. The point about Hollywood is it’s the headquarters of the international movie industry, it’s where the stars live. The same can’t be said of Camden, it’s not the centre of the world’s music industry.” Cheer up, pal.

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