Lovestruck at the Gay Hussar


PANIC is setting in among lefty loves at the sight of the Gay Hussar being put on the market. The Hungarian restaurant in Soho is a magnet for old Labour rascals and it would be a shame to see it go.

But you don’t have to be sat there gazing at the caricatures of left wing VIPs to appreciate its place as little backstreet landmark, as the contributing editor of Conservative Home, Andrew Gimson, reveals.

His great affection for the place has all come bubbling out as he signs a petition calling for it to be preserved. It was, he reports, the scene of his first date with Labour councillor Sally Gimson, now his wife. The couple from Gospel Oak first started going steady, as Andrew once recalled in a lovestruck piece for the Daily Telegraph ten years ago, after meeting at an interview to join the Samaritans.   As it turned out, both failed the recruitment process, but ended up smooching over the candles at the Gay Hussar instead.   Ok, I made that last bit up. Sally wouldn’t smooch on a first date.   Who knows, though, this walking romcom of a couple can’t actually even get things straight on how that heady evening unfolded. He says he paid. She doesn’t remember it quite like that.

Readers should be aware, however, that Mr Gimson, unbeknown to many, is a part-time love doctor, offering advice for those searching this city for romance. In that 2002 piece for the Telegraph, about his first flirtations with “the women in the green skirt” who “laughed at some of the same involuntary elements of comedy as I did”, he shares sage advice on the dating game.

Look it up, this modern day, north London cupid explained: “If you want love, you should go looking for something else. Women who want to have babies, and are worried that they have not yet conceived, often find that things take a turn for the better when they start concentrating on something completely different. So, too, with love: it is a very unexpected thing.”

How profound. The man should be awarded a Dear Andrew problem page forthwith.

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