The polished people of Tonbridge and Malling


THOSE aforementioned people with slinky vests and Colgate smiles over in Tonbridge and Malling, it turns out, are unlikely to be at the Tonbridge and Malling Open Primary selection meeting – starring Chris Philp and Ed Argar – on Saturday night.

Surprise, surprise, they are stock photo people which anybody can pay to use. In fact, Grant Shapps has already been criticised for using this same rent-a-crowd in Conservative material. The same gang are all over the internet advertising and promoting everything from second hand cars to private healthcare. A few examples below, but there are scores of them out there…


3 Comments on The polished people of Tonbridge and Malling

  1. I hope they get royalties!

  2. All the oldies have been cut out for Scholarship in Psychiatry one.. Only fresh faced youngsters can be “clinical leaders of the future”

  3. Here they are running a printing company in North Dakota.

    Looks like they have some truly enterprising young Conservatives in Tonbridge and Malling.

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