Camden Council’s ‘pressing’ issue: Staff cycling on car park ramps


“THIS probably is the most pressing issue on your desks this afternoon,” council boss Sarah Hayward bluntly told staff on Wednesday. “But it’s not the most pressing on mine.”

She appeared to have become exasperated with a reply-all chain of emails sparked by an internal health and safety diktat ordering Camden employees who cycle to work not to attempt cycling up or down the staff car park ramps in wet weather.

“You are required to adhere to this instruction,” the cycling staff members were told by one of the property managers over at the Town Hall.

Col_du_Tourmalet-300x298The order was quickly dismissed as “patronising” and “draconian” in the email chain of respondents. The best response, however, surely came from head of sport Nigel Robinson who revealed a rather impressive personal achievement in the process: “I recently cycled up the Tourmalet (a 20km Tour de France grade ‘hill’ in the Pyrenees). On the descent I reached a top speed of 53mph – and it’s on film if anyone would like to see it. I rest my case.”

So we know now Nigel can conquer the Pyranees, but could Chris Froome take on this fearsome car park ramp. Stay safe everyone.


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  1. This from the “Dear Leader” who has found the time to compose 20,700 tweets, most of which relate to Arsenal, schlock movies, The X-factor or the Great British Bake off – but include such recent gems as:

    Has failed to buy fireworks tickets for Ally Pally. It’s sold out. Where to go instead? Ideas please #BonfireNight

    I’m being ‘followed’ by a firm of private investigators.

    OMG. La Patagonia’s morcilla is to die for.

    but you can never watch Die Hard too many times’ (about 72 now)

    FYI I make a pretty amazing swiss roll. #GBBO

    am about to buy Breaking Bad box set for xmas hols.

    I didn’t think that through. But I’ve now got an image of Pickles & Miley in my head.

    it might be better if I look older on telly TBH. Being a woman & looking young I get a lot of derogatory comments. *sigh*

    Never seen Arlington Road before. It’s a great film. Edge of my seat/hiding behind my cushion……

    • Not amused // November 2, 2013 at 9:59 am //

      Angela Merkel will not be amused ! “Being a woman & looking young I get a lot of derogatory comments. *sigh* “

  2. Karishma Chandaria // November 2, 2013 at 12:41 pm //

    Cllr Braithwaite’s attention to Sarah Haward’s tweets seems rather unhealthy, a tad odd and to be fair rather pointless. I’m not sure quite why anyone would log someone’s tweets ……

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