Sunday file 3/11/13: ‘Wasn’t Beresford one of the Wombles?’

Posting here on Sunday nights, bits and pieces, tweets and links that didn’t make a full post during the week.

image* SPURS-SUPPORTING Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn irked more than one or two with his piece about ‘A Girl Called Jack’ food blogger Jack Monroe, who appeared in the Labour Party’s ‘energy prices’ political broadcast in midweek. With characteristic bullishness, he questioned why, in the past, she had given up a job with the fire service to bring up her son, claiming benefits in the process and labelled her a ‘pesto poverty girl’. She wrote a shredding piece in reply which went viral, but you know… I think he likes it when that happens. It certainly adds to his notoriety, which in turn gets the hits, which in turn secures the £800,000 a year salary. While Jack took the headlines, it went less noticed that Beresford Casey, the boss at deluxe Camden Town burger joint Hache, was mocked too by Littlejohn for his apperance in the broadcast. Beresford had suggested energy firms were ripping us all off: “It looks very much like a monopoly.” Littlejohn’s razor sharp humour came up with this – wait for it – “Only the trendy metropolitan Lefties who comprise the modern Labour Party could come up with an ‘ordinary person’ called ‘Beresford’. Wasn’t he one of the Wombles?” I personally think he should say that Wombles joke out loud to Camden Town musician Jazzie B from Soul II Soul – real name: Beresford Romeo – and see how he gets on.  It may be a fair point that there will be more ‘ordinary’ people to be sourced for these films – Labour might try calling the Tonbridge and Malling poster people? – although maybe, just maybe, the really desperate people out there don’t have the confidence to set it all out on camera. Perhaps, even more likely, they may just be completely disaffected with politicians of all types arguing it out and don’t really believe any of them can stop rising bills from companies who have us all where they want us.

* TORIES wouldn’t need to stop at Berry Casey’s place for a Scotch steak burger with Reblochon cheese. We already know they are fans of McDonald’s, of which their favoured Hampstead branch closes later this month. On Friday, there wasn’t a gourmet burger in sight, as collection of local Conservatives were spotting noshing at the Finchley Road Nando’s. A pre-film belly filler before the gang headed off to watch Thor at the cinema.

* BUZZFEED’S ‘Rise And Fall Of The Highgate Wallaby’ lifts heavily from the Camden New Journal. Reporter Dan Carrier inadvertedly became one of the marsupial’s saviours when he was at the scene of the York Rise rescuers on Thursday. You can see his exclusive snaps, which had the nationals quickly calling, here.

* PAUL Braithwaite’s logging of Sarah Hayward’s tweets – she is the highest tweeting council leader in London – has drawn a few eyebrows, even from those critical of the leader’s online chit-chat. Comments in a post here earlier this week include that the close attention is a ‘tad unhealthy‘.

* THE picture of Richard and Judy donating hundreds and hundreds of books to Keats Community Library in Hampstead in last week’s local papers has apparently caused a grimace or two at the Town Hall. There is quiet feeling that it looked like celebs were handing all the goodies to one of Camden’s wealthier areas. Now, of course it’s more complicated than that – Keats serves people from all sorts of backgrounds – and it’s up to everyone to support whatever service they like. The team at Keats, by the way, are superb at what they do. But one Labour councillor confides: “You break up the system, take libraries out of council control, then each library competes with the other – rather than everyone sharing collective benefits. Good luck to Keats, the volunteers at all of the independent libraries have been amazing, but I can tell you other places in the borough that could benefit more from free books. It’s like a mini version of how academies and free schools are forced to compete with each other once they are taken out of the system.”

* CAMDEN Town may be one of the United Kingdom’s tourist meccas but England cricketing spinner Monty Panesar, heading to Australia for the Ashes, is not so sure. On the Independent’s travel pages, he was asked what his most unpleasant experience on the road was and he answered: “Staying in a really grotty B&B in Camden when I had one of my first jobs as a window salesman in London. I remember thinking: ‘I can’t do this all my life. I need to get out of this and do something better.'”

* TULIP Siddiq may have reserved a toast for Rupa Huq, sister to Blue Peter presenter Konnie. Tulip has blogged before how she is pals with Rupa, who yesterday was picked to be the Labour PPC for Ealing. They can share campaign tips.

* DELIGHT for Will Blair, the deputy chairman of the Holborn and St Pancras Conservatives. The former Kentish Town candidate – his main tactic in NW5 at one time appeared to be dropping anti-Miliband beermats in pubs – passed his driving test. Just another score on the CV for Will, a resume which may one say ‘parliamentary candidate for  Holborn and St Pancras’. What do you reckon?

* THE Killers – even I know they are big in the music world – recalled that the Dublin Castle in Camden Town was the first place in the UK they played. Frontman Brandon Flowers explained to The Sun this week how it hadn’t all gone to plan, and that he had fallen from the stage during the show. “I thought that’s it for us, the only thing that will be written about from our first London gig is the goofy singer.”

* HALLOWEEN pumpkins pulped, the tinsel and Christmas lights are starting to appear in our high streets. Some people think November is too early for mentioning the Christmas-word. There were even hecklers from a group called Reign In Christmas when TV presenter Alex Zane turned on the illuminations in Highgate last year. Call them party poopers – it takes a certain personality to lead a count upwards at family event like that – but it does all seem to get earlier every year, doesn’t it?

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  1. A non-affiliated businessman dares to make a point about energy companies and so gets trolled by a Tory MP and a Daily Mail sock-puppet…Honestly the Conservatives are more like the Tea Party each day.

  2. Das Kapital // November 6, 2013 at 9:18 pm //

    Why is it that most politicians over the years have disliked talking about issues such as hiked up energy bills and fuel poverty despite thousands of vulnerable people up and down the country being affected.

    The big six energy companies have quite literally been getting away with murder for years – just check out the stats with AGE UK!

    We now have a crisis on our hands and the issue is being debated on the front of most national newspapers, but why oh why do these type of issues need to reach crisis point before we hear any talk of action!!!!

    It’s a national disgrace!


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