For tonight’s performance, Baroness Margaret Thatcher will be played by…

THE Lib Dems say they oppose the plans for stricter busking rules on the basis that Camden’s plan, as it stands, is a ‘sledgehammer to crack a nut’. Let’s see how many times that phrase will be used when the issue is discussed at the Town Hall tonight. Our ‘full council bingo’ cards will be marked. It will also be interesting to see what approach the party’s councillor in Camden Town, Chris Naylor, takes. He has a natural desire to defend his constituents, while his colleagues are critical of the Town Hall policy.

When I asked long-serving Lib Dem councillor Flick Rea on what she thought, she too said she thought the council was being heavy-handed. I wondered, as someone who is no stranger to the stage, whether she ever thought about granting Camden Town a street performance of some kind. She insists that those days are behind her… but look here: If persuaded, if you ask very nicely, Flick can be coaxed back in front of an audience. Twice in recent years, she has apparently played, quite convincingly by all accounts, Baroness Margaret Thatcher at Lib Dem events.

And here’s the photographic proof!

Mrs T2

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