Maajid: Camden Lib Dems ‘not bedazzled’ by TV appearances

imageHAMPSTEAD and Kilburn parliamentary candidate Maajid Nawaz has done what he surely would have promised Lib Dem members he would do when he claimed the nomination, and given the party’s tilt in Hampstad and Kilburn a publicity boost. And it hasn’t all been channeled through the Twitter love he received for his eye-splatteringly bright socks, unmissable during his appearance in the ‘When Tommy Met Mo’ documentary aired last month by the BBC.

As the founder of Quilliam think tank, he is a regular in front of the camera and as Tommy Robinson turned his back on the English Defence League, Maajid faced the press head on.

Maybe to show that his work with Robinson had not distracted him from the game in hand in H&K – possibly an uncomfortable worry for one or two party activists – he used his latest TV appearance, a slot on the BBC Daily Politics show on Monday, to go local.

He recalled the story of his initial failure to win the candidacy (throwing in the fact that he ‘briefs world leaders’ in doing so) and that the party was right to question whether he was focussed on local interests. He’s ‘proud’ they felt like that. Maajid was insistent: the local Lib Dems are not ‘bedazzled by TV star quality’. Maybe not, but the exposure surely helps. It has certainly made the constituency intriguing once more.

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