iCamden: Apple illuminates NW1 in time for Christmas

imageFESTIVE baubles hang from the lamp-posts in Camden Town… and there has been a bit of a ‘is that it?’ sensation from those who have spotted them.


But in a way, NW1 doesn’t really need anything too ornate and illuminating… we now have giant iPhone adverts which are bright enough to guide any sleigh through the fog this yuletide.

Yep, Apple’s giant shroud banners are back in town, just in time for Christmas, covering the Camden Eye and the World’s End pubs and hitting you as soon as you step out of the station. Their appearance (for a long time a giant banner covered the building at the bottom of Parkway) will make some locals recall the sturdy refusal by the council to allow St Michael’s Church to cover their building, just a few doors down from the Camden Eye pub, with an advert of their own while they got the roof fixed.

It would’ve helped pay for the church’s urgent works, but the Town Hall insisted it would prove to be an eyesore. In the end, the vicar of the day got sponsored for sitting on the roof for a fortnight, day and night, to help pay for the repairs.

No such probs in 2013: here’s Apple ‘owning’, as the young folk say, Camden Town this afternoon with a panorama photo taken on a, um, iPhone.


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