‘A basic, simple job’: salary £50k to £80k

‘IT was a slip of the tongue’, the West End Extra newspaper is told this week, just ‘a slip of the tongue’. It’s the explanation Westminster’s Tories are giving for the curious sight of deputy leader of Robert Davis describing how a ‘basic, simple job’ would be one attracting a salary of between £50,000 and £80,000. Watch the interview for yourself. Nobody steps in and says: um, what did you just say? How much? Nobody edits out the jarring remarks. But the Tories feel it’s still all a mountain out of a molehill, an attempt to present them as out-of-touch; a sensitive area given the council’s housing chief recently stood down after comparing some benefit claimants to characters from the opulent reality soap Made In Chelsea.

Full story is on the newspaper’s website.

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