The news flow

news040711_07 (1)LAST month, we learned from the Daily Telegraph’s website that an ability to spell is one of the ‘top 40 things the internet has killed off’.

Specifically, its article warned us at number 23 of this worrying rundown: “Research from 2009 found that children’s obsession with technology is hindering spelling skills, encouraging plagiarism and disrupting learning, and even adults’ spelling is suffering due to the prevalence of predictive text.”

Maybe that blasted predictive text (Mo Farah was always ‘Month Farah’ for Blackberry users last summer) might explain why in the Telegraph website’s story today about the use of the word ‘constipation’ by the Whittington Hospital’s chief exec to describe patient movement through the hospital, uses ‘wood’ where they surely mean ‘would’.


Yes, yup, yes, I know, these blog pages are anything but typo-free – but at least this tiny error in the Telegraph’s article proves it was not simply mechanically ripped, uncredited, from the Camden New Journal’s reporting of the same story earlier in the week. See, completely different:


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