Away in the mayor’s parlour…

AVeryCamdenChristmas 058SMALLHERE’S a backstage snap from the mayor and mayoress’s Christmas card photo shoot, and the story in New Journal that probably drew the most smiles at the Town Hall last week. Apparently, a fierce debate ensued in one council department as to whether the dog by the fireside in the main picture (see below) is a real dog or a prop. Surely you can’t buy plastic huskies? If you can, watch out by the fire.

Of course, we couldn’t start the story last week with a cliched: here’s Camden’s Mayor Jonathan Simpson as you’ve never seen him before. We remember the famous Christmas jumper of 2011 and Amy Lame’s ukulele. But the card – self-funded – is still a departure from the Christmas wishes other London mayors will be sending out next month and kind of sums up the character Camden’s chain-bearer puts into the job. If you know of a more eye-catching one, send it my way.

It’s fair enough to have the argument over whether the same person should be mayor more than once (twice in three years for JS), but whoever enters the mayor’s parlour in the future will do well to match Simpson’s gusto for the job. Some say he has his face in the papers rather a lot, but say that to him, and he’ll tell you about the £30,000 he’s already for the Amy Winehouse Foundation since returning the role in May. It’s not a bad reply.

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  1. A pretty dam good card! Go you husky!
    Well done Jonathan.

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