Footloose, Camden Town

Footloose - insideIN Footloose (1984), the bumpkin town of Beaumont bans rock and roll music and dancing, until Kevin ‘let’s put this conga in reverse’ Bacon turns up and convinces the council to change the laws.

Now, in Camden Town, they are not altogether banning music – I’ll get in trouble if I say that, it only applies to amplified music and music after a certain time. But when they re-make the movie and set it in NW1, maybe this carefree dancer filmed outside the station by a Youtube user last week could take the role of Ren, even if her moves are more Flashdance than Footloose. She doesn’t s t o p.

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  1. Look at that busker. He is using a percussion instrument on the street without permission from the Council. He doesn’t have a ‘special license’. Someone should called Councillor Abdul Hai, Cabinet member for Community Safety and get him moved on. We can’t have this spontaneous culture in Camden. Where is ‘light touch’ regulation when you need it?!

  2. You don’t have the popular support Jonathan. You are wasting your breath.

    • That’s strange. Could have sworn that we collected hundreds of signatures on the streets of Camden today, many of them residents who share our concern with the unworkably daft and pernicious proposals put forward by Councillor Hai…

  3. Hundreds of tourists in Camden Town for a day.

    • Of course there were tourists who signed the petition as well. I’m sure you would agree that tourists play an important part in Camden’s economy by spending their money in the vast array of leisure, touristic and retail offerings of Camden town. Tourists enjoy live music on the streets and busking is what they expect to see and enjoy. But we engaged with many Camden residents who were very unhappy with the council’s plans and keen to support our cause. Despite the best efforts of certain people to turn this into a divisive issue of ‘residents vs outsiders’ it has always been a relatively small group of residents who strongly support the strict controls reflected in the fact that the council received complaints from 57 people in the year. There are many people who live in Camden and love the colour and vibrancy that buskers bring to the shared public spaces. It will be good if elected Councillors could facilitate cooperation between buskers and residents instead of pandering to reactionary opinion.

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