The City Hall playground: Boris’s favourite foe

BORIS Johnson told Andrew Dismore to ‘get stuffed’ at a London Assembly meeting a couple of months back. He has also taken to simply calling him ‘Dismore’ without the prefix of ‘Mr’ or ‘Assembly member’, often sounding a bit of like a school ruffian demanding lunch money. On another occasion, the Mayor called Mr Dismore ‘pop-eyed and ranting’ across the chamber, accusing him of ‘slurring’ his words.

And relations in the City Hall playground, don’t seem to be getting better. At last week’s Mayor’s Question Time, Mr Dismore, Camden’s representative at City Hall, asked Boris about the ‘big six’ and the energy price debate. Mr Johnson replied by telling him that he could hardly hear what he was saying, before beginning a riff about how the problem of fuel and heating this winter could simply be solved by Mr Dismore “plugging himself as a hot air machine”. He exclaimed: “You are the solution.”


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