Whitewashing Winehouse

pegasus2DSCF1969THERE are at least five bits of street art in Camden Town dedicated to Amy Winehouse: two Bambis (Bayham Street and Camden Road), one next to the Portuguese deli up in Albert Street, the Pegasus commissioned for the side of the Earl of Camden pub in Parkway and a new one up by Proud.

The Amy with angel wings (right) which appeared on the side of the Starbucks coffee place on Camden Lock in the days after her death, however, has now been whitewashed.

Another Pegasus, the tourists used to have their picture taken next to it and tweet their snaps to their pals back home. Some of them claimed they were standing next to a Bansky, until the Pegasus signature was later included. If you are missing it, you can still buy a t-shirt with the image.

What’s interesting is that the newly-painted building is actually meant to be the perfect place for tourists, with or without a bit of street art on the side of it. You see, it’s not meant to just be a branch of Starbucks, as some have just assumed over the years… what with the big green sign and posters. It’s also supposed to be a visitors information centre capable of illustrating the history of Camden’s waterways. A row over whether they’ve got the balance right has run for several years. You see a lot of people coming out with gingerbread lattes, less with booklets about the canal’s heritage.

PS: Instagrammers feeling lost without the bait of a mural of a fallen singer to pose with: take a right at the High Street, walk forward for two minutes, stop at Jamestown Road. There’s a green and black John Lennon thing on the Oxford Arms for you to put through the filters. Here’s one I made earlier:



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  1. What a coincidence i was only in Camden yesterday looking up the Amy’s, never knew about the Camden Lock one

  2. Anonymous // December 4, 2013 at 9:21 am //

    God rest her soul. The Queen of Camden will never be forgotten!

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